A Glossary

Alchemical vessels, see below Heart of Darkness
Anatomy Heaven and hell, horizons, or just a line across
Archaeology the picture plane
Architecture Landscapes, layers
Astronomy, asymmetry Lenses, see concave and convex above
Leonardo, chiaroscuro

Boat on the Nile Light and dark
Boat in the waves Maps and Mazes
Boats - exploding Mediaeval paintings
Boats - floating, sea below Mirrors
Buildings Optics
(just) Passing through

Calligraphy, (ie Islamic) Perspective – puzzles, maybe, but not illusions
Carvings and castings the Picture Plane
Certain kinds of feelings Points, lines, planes and solids
Close and far away - Co-existing realities Shallow space
The Cloud of Unknowing Snakes and ladders
Cocteau Speculations
Concave, convex, see lenses Spirals, stairs, steps and stone
Cross sections, Constructions Symmetry, and randomness

Diagrams - distillations

Dimensions, two, three and any more?

Duchamp, see Glass, Large, above and below

the Element of Chance

Egypt under the night sky Targets (eg Jasper Johns)
Floating things, sea above? Underworlds, underwater
Geometry, geology Unknowing – the Cloud of
Glass Large Vessels, alchemical, see above

(Text by Melanie Stephenson)